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Maracas Bay Beach
The most popular beach in Trinidad is a scenic drive away along the North Coast Road. This beach is famous for Richard's Bake & Shark, a flatbread and batter fried shark sandwich described by Andrew Zimmern on Food Channel's Bizarre Foods as one of the top 10 favorite foods he has ever eaten. Photo credit: Helen Mahabir - 25-minute drive (17.4 km) from Green Space.

Mud Volcano
There are many mud volcanos in Trinidad. We recommend those at Bunsee Trace, Penal because of the accessibility and signage - 1-hour 30-minutes (79.6 km) drive from Green Space.

Nariva Swamp
This is the country's prime wildlife reserve and is home to the endangered manatee and the red howler monkey as well as the rare white faced capuchin monkeys. In addition, the remains of a bush camp still exists on Bush Bush island where bio-science research was carried out in the 1950s. Since a Forestry Division permit is required to visit this protected area, we recommend joining an official tour. The swamp can be approached either on foot or in a kayak, depending on the season - 1-hour 50-minute (75.8 km) drive from Green Space.

Pitch Lake at La Brea
This tar pit is the largest asphalt deposit in the world. Sir Walther Raleigh used pitch from it to caulk his ships when he visited Trinidad. Folklore suggests that the pitch lake was formed to punish native people for killing hummingbirds. There is a small museum and tours available - 1-hour 30-minutes (86.7 km) from Green Space.

Rio Seco Waterfall
Other waterfalls in Trinidad are best viewed in the rainy season, however Rio Seco (Spanish for Dry River), ironically, is the one that has a picturesque cascade regardless of season. There is also a cool, jade green pool that adds to the beautiful background in photos - 2-hour (70.6 km) drive from Green Space followed by a moderately easy 45-minute hike to the waterfall.

Royal Botanic Gardens
Located in Port of Spain, these gardens are the oldest continually used Botanic Gardens in the western hemisphere. They were established in 1820 by Governor Ralph Woodford and botanist David Lockhart and contain one of the oldest collections of exotic plants and trees in the region including a vibrantly coloured rainbow eucalyptus tree. These gardens were visited by Charles Kingsley and mentioned in his book "At Last Christmas in the West Indies" in 1871. The gardens house a butterfly foliage section and a small colonial cemetery - 25-minute (12.8 km) drive from Green Space.

San Fernando Hill
San Fernando Hill is also known as Ana Parima (or Anaparima) which is Amerindian for "a single hill" and was regarded as a sacred place. It is also a cretaceous outcrop among tertiary rock formations, a unique occurrence in Trinidad and Tobago - 50-minute (58.4 km) drive from Green Space.

Tamana Bat Cave
Home to millions of bats that Sir David Attenborough featured in an early BBC documentary. We recommend joining a tour to visit this cave - 1-hour 40-minutes (59.7 km) drive from Green Space.

Wild Fowl Trust at Pointe-à-Pierre
This peaceful oasis is on the grounds of a former oil refinery. The trust is famous for breeding and releasing birds back into natural habitats including the scarlet ibis. Tours are available and advanced booking is required for security to authorise entrance to compound. We also recommend the nearby Free Bird restaurant that offers a picturesque setting and unique dishes - 1-hour (55.6 km) drive from Green Space.

Yerette Humming Bird Sanctuary
Located in St. Joseph, the experience includes a lecture on hummingbirds before you head into the owners' back garden to take photos. Tours can include lunch or tea - 45-minute drive (18.4 km) from Green Space.

Zip-Itt Adventure Zip Line tours
Located in Chaguaramas, the course consists of multiple zip lines including one that spans Macqueripe Bay - 50-minute drive (27.7 km) from Green Space.

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