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Asa Wright Nature Centre
A haven for bird watchers and recommended in the Trinidad section of 1000 Places to See Before You Die by Patricia Schultz. Look out for information on when the centre will re-open in 2022. Original painting by Paul Christopher is displayed in ​the Green Space living room - 1-hour 30-minute (51.7 km) drive from Green Space.

Bajnath's Estate
Located 45 minutes walk from the Rio Seco Waterfall in the Matura National Park one of most untouched areas of the Northern Range Trinidad, this estate offers a pristine, natural environment. Forest trails, river & bird watching tours including sightings of the elusive piping guan or pawi that nest in this sanctuary. 2 hour-drive (70.6 km) from Green Space.

Bamboo Cathedral at Chaguaramas
We recommend a stroll on this paved path through the overhanging bamboo rustling in the wind. The name derives from the pattern that the bamboo stalks make overhead, similar to the naves of a church. If you are lucky, you might spy a red howler monkey in the trees. If you feel energetic, you can walk uphill to a bluff with views of the Caribbean Sea. You can also continue further uphill to the Tracking Station, an abandoned WWII radar dish. An original painting of the bamboo cathedral hangs in the Green Space dining room - 55-minute drive (29.5 km) from Green Space.

Caroni Swamp & Bird Sanctuary
We highly recommend this evening boat tour where you might see a silky anteater, caiman, fiddler crabs and various birds including flamingos, the latter have recently migrated here from South America. The scarlet ibis flying in to roost in the mangroves at sunset is unforgettable. Renamed the Winston Nanan Caroni Bird Sanctuary as a tribute to one of the pioneers in eco-tourism in this sanctuary. An original painting of the sanctuary hangs in one of the Green Space bedrooms - 35-minute drive (19.3 km) from Green Space.

Chaguaramas Boardwalk
Enjoy a pleasant stroll along this 1400 ft boardwalk beside the sea, originally made entirely from recycled tyres. Other attractions in the area include sea bathing, kayaking and two water parks- 45-minute (22 km) drive from Green Space.

Colibri Creative Centre of Light
Nature lovers will enjoy a visit to this peaceful 200 acre estate where they can hike or book a walking tour for a small fee. For adventure seekers, jungle jeep tours are also available. It is an 8-minute (4 km) drive from Green Space.

Emperor Valley Zoo
Opened in 1962 in Port of Spain, the zoo has one of the greatest selections of animals, both foreign and domestic, in the Caribbean - 30-minute (11.1 km) drive from Green Space.

Gasparee Caves
Located on Gasparee island, you descend 30 metres down a staircase into a lit cave that features a natural salt water pool. We recommend the tours run by the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) - 50-minute (33.3 km) drive from Green Space to the CDA followed by a 15-minute boat trip to Gasparee Island.

Leatherback Turtle Watching
Turtle season is roughly April to August in Gran Rivière - these turtles' ancestors have been nesting in Trinidad & Tobago since prehistoric times and were featured in David Suzuki's Nature of Things - Trek of the Titans. We recommend staying overnight at Grand Rivière for the night tour to see the turtles lay their eggs starting in April. After May, you might witness the hatchlings making their way back to the sea. If you return early in the morning, you can typically get photos of the straggler turtles as flash photography is not allowed during the night tours - 3-hour (107 km) drive from Green Space.

Macqueripe Bay
A picturesque beach recommended for strong swimmers. There is also a zip line overhead - 50-minute drive (27.7 km) from Green Space.

Manzanilla Beach
The road trip to this beach includes an unforgettable drive along the coastal road lined with coconut trees. Since coconut trees are not indigenous to the Caribbean, the source may have come from European or British ships that stocked coconuts to ensure drinking water supplies on long journeys. If you visit this strip at dawn, you will be rewarded with the view of clouds of birds returning to the trees and an opportunity to take your own post card worthy photos at sunrise - 2-hour (70.3 km) drive from Green Space.


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